© Marijke Coulars
Photo's & Testimonials

"​​Les peintres belles de Paris!"

"Your work is once again ​​so beautiful and mesmorizing and fresh!
Lovely, Light and airy and yet, deep and Heartfelt.
I feel you in Paris when I look at it!​​​"

"So glad I was able to view your work in your beautiful space...
I really like your women...
I feel Paris when I see them!"

"Thank you for your Inspiration in how you see people and the world. I love your new work, and love your old work!

"They are so fresh and light, a new direction for you. They are at once familiar feeling and unique. Bravo beautiful lady-love to you!

"Your work is wonderful, light and easy to look at. Pulls you in and sends you on your way a happier person. Thanks for Sharing.

"Holy Shit. You have really surged ahead. Go Paris!"

"Beautiful​​​​​, love the paintings!"

"Wonderful show, such a talented lady. "
~Monique Robin

"Love how you connect all the most important things into one."
~Susan Rothschild

''Enjoyed your work, so lovely and fresh''
~Victoria Weiss

''Amazing gorgeous Art''
~Susan Plath

''Bravo Marijke, xo''

''You have broken through with these.''​​

''Wonderful art. Marijke is a wonderful modern conceptual artist. Much admiration from one artist to another.''​​
​~Travis Eiden-Where art was most recently displayed

''Love your work''
~Dominique-​​​Where art was most recently displayed

'' I just received your latest painting, and i thank you very much for the joy it is already giving me. It will find a very special place in my art collection.
​Your many paintings in my collection now span more then a ten year period, and i deeply enjoy the growth they reflect and the range of expressions. Your stunning sense of colors and forms, and your interpretation of what i know to be your view of the world touches me anew, every time i look at your art.''​​
~Hartmut Gerdes​