© Marijke Coulars

​''Marijke Coulars' delta-like oil meanderings are extremely fine, one cannot imagine a human hand creating them.''
                                                     ~Review by Richard Litke of show at Frogs Hollow Gallery, Sydney, 1976​

''Marijke Coulars, vibrant and beautiful, is intently at work in her studio in North Beach. In her native Holland, she graduated from Art School and in Montessori teaching. She has pursued both avidly and ably. She explores the world and life and herself, physically and with her art as a tool. Half of her year in Australia was spent among the Aborigines in Arnhem. Her involvement with their Art is reflected strikingly in the immediacy and directness of her recent paintings. Cats like right African masks wax human in primary colors.
​Her paintings are many and greatly varied, showing many stages of development of herself as person and artist. They reflect her deep and intense relationships, and repeatedly the drive for her own independence and freedom as an artist.
​An impressionistic sampling of her work, ''The freudian slip'', ''Trinity'', ''Atomic fission of the spirit'', ''Bombardment'', ''Untitled minds''. They must be seen.
​                                                 ~Dick Nusinow​​​, 1978​